LGBTQ+ youth are more likely to experience depression, anxiety, and suicide.

Supportive parents greatly reduce this risk.

How can you embrace the journey?


Read testimonials and writings from LGBTQ+ youth and their parents about family and mental health.

Learn more about the language used in LGBTQ+ communities.


Find local resources for LGBTQ+ youth and their families in Jefferson County, Kentucky.

Advice from Parents

Read some advice from parents who have embraced the journey of parenting LGBTQ+ youth.

Advice from Youth

Hear from LGBTQ+ youth about their advice for parents who want to embrace their journey.


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LGBTQ+ adolescents are more likely than heterosexual and cisgender youth to experience poor mental health – like depression, anxiety and suicide. This isn’t because of their LGBTQ+ identity, but rather that LGBTQ+ youth are often bullied and mistreated for their sexual orientation and / or gender identity / expression, feel misunderstood by other peers and adults in their lives, lack access to affirming health and social services, and are made to feel that who they are is wrong, shameful or politicized.

Studies show that when LGBTQ+ adolescents have support from even one adult – especially support from a parent or guardian – they are much more likely to maintain mental healthiness. When LGBTQ+ youth don’t have support from their parents, they are more likely to experience poor mental health, as well as homelessness, substance use, and other risky behaviors. A parent’s support makes all the difference.

When you embrace the journey, you make the difference for LGBTQ+ youth in your community.